Elena Khomutova-Miller

Elena began her artistic career in Saratov (ex-Soviet Union) in a multicultural family environment with Russian-Tatar-Jewish-German blood. In this city she graduated from the School of Fine Arts and later she did photography and commercial decoration courses/subjects. 


During the years 1989 - 1993, apart from participating in a creative group with projects for the theater, she began her first series of graphic works called;  "Year of the Fire Turtle", which had much influence from early works done by Pablo Picasso. During year 1992 she moved to Switzerland and it marked a significant change in her style moving from the realistic to the decorative and abstract Artwork. 


Thus, from here a series of graphic works under the English name "History of human weakness" was born, which was presented to the public for the first time in the Hall of the Alternative Medicines Clinic in Liechtenstein in 1996. For the next three years onward, Elena continued studying Art in Saint Petersburg. Several Artworks from that period were exhibited at Gallery 11 in Saint Petersburg as group exhibition, which reflected the rebellion and chaos of the first post-perestroika years of their country of birth that had influences from Russian Art dating back from the 1920s, after the Russian Revolution, i.e., very expressive and dynamic. 


An encounter with the esoteric world and especially with various astrologers was a crucial moment for her career as an artist. The investigation of “The Eternal" took almost ten years and it was based on Medieval Art, biblical stories, astrology and Hindu beliefs books, which prompted that her new project was formed with the name "Mysteries", that was developed between 2002 - 2012. For this work Elena used wax pencils and oil pastel. 


Currently she is working on the series "Transformation" Artwork, in Chelmsford, Essex, that began in 2005 and which has recently become Transformations of flowers with a style that is absolutely different from previous works, since it is an investigation of the transformative power of shapes and their relationship with colour.

Email: elena@ekmgallery.co.uk